24. Ummmmm

Dear Sade,

Be wary, very wary of the word 'interesting' - it's the cagiest, shrewdest wiliest word in the English language. It's the easiest word to use when someone doesn't want to commit to giving a candid opinion. It helps people to 'cop-out' with dignity. Think about it: what did you really think when someone asked your opinion of their latest painting and you said " Mmm, that's interesting." What you really meant was: "Mmm, I'm not totally convinced but given a little time I think I'd use that painting as firewood." To be fair, I should add that a great deal depends on how the word is expressed - the cadence and intonation will tell you a great deal. If it comes out like this: Th-a-a-t-s in-t-er-e-e-e-s-t-i-n-g. Well, need I say more?

With a twinkle in my eye.