25. Switching Off

Dear Sade,

As a full-time artist there comes a time when one must follow the advice given in the old Percy Sledge song, 'Dock of the Bay' : "I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, just watchin' the tide roll away ..." I find that once a year I must take a break from all things art-related and go on holiday. We generally go to a place you know well - Vleesbaai, a tiny settlement on the Cape South Coast where there are no galleries, bookshops or art supply stores. We eat, read, fish, walk and sleep and I go out of my way not to get involved with anything art related. I simply recharge my batteries,revitalising myself, so that when I return to our gallery/studio I'm ready to take on new challenges. We've spent some wonderful times with you at Vleesbaai - Gran's little oils of you on the beach attest to this.